What is GPS Dutch

Guided-Pace Study is a learning pattern. It is a sequence of learning resources in a logical order to get you prepared for Dutch integration exams. It is crowd-sourced and proved working by people like you.

The connotation with GPS navigator is not a coincidence: we highlight a path, but you are the one in the driver seat.


There are plenty of traditional schools to learn Dutch, but they are expensive. You can borrow up to €10.000 from DUO government agency, but passing integration exams doesn’t guarantee you getting a job. GPS Dutch was initiated by a newbie who came to this country in 2013, just days after subsidies were cancelled. She didn’t dare to place such a financial burden on her family. She didn’t borrow money and she didn’t go to any language school. Instead, she searched for alternatives, a combination of self-study and available help from the Dutch community. She passed all the exams on-time, with a single attempt, and on a budget of just few hundreds. She decided to share this experience with the community. Ever since, more people are contributing to the collective knowledge.

There are plenty of resources for a self-paced study, but it takes time and costly mistakes till you sort things out. Besides, the problem with self-study is motivation. With GPS Dutch guidance you stay on track and motivated.

How it Works

You will find links to the learning resources on this website, a suggested order, tips based on personal experiences of people like yours.

Also, we negotiated GROUP DISCOUNTS from publishers and developers – don’t forget that only a purchase via this website get you these special prices. Most schools are using the same learning resources – so, go ahead and save money even if you chose to attend a school.

Finally, we organize networking events, so you can find a coach, a mentor, or a teacher to help you on the journey. We also source and publish information about relevant educational events available free of charge to the general public.

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